Eterno Ivica
Eterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica

Manufacturers from Via Austria 25/E - Z.I. Sud - 35127 - Padova - ITALY
Since 1955 solid foundations

It born I.V.I.C.A. - Waterproofing Materials, Tar and Similar
I.v.i.c.a “Industria Veneta Idrofughi Catrami e Affini” of Favero Ruggero was established.

It all began with IVICA, which stands for "Veneto producer of Waterproofing Materials, Tar and Similar". Now company activities include other building sectors, and we still focus on being absolute specialists. Always at the cutting edge with each specific application.


-Adjustable supports for exterior elevated floors
-Outdoor substructures for all kind of decking
-Roofing accessories for roofs and balconies waterproofing
-Laying tools for synthetic or bituminous waterproofing
-Accessories for liquid waterproofing
-Drain boxes, channels and other products for water drainage
-Products for sound insulation and sound absorption
-Construction products
-Silenced aeration and ventilation