Manufacturers from Via La Nova, 6, Vitorchiano, Italy
Creativity, materials, innovation and colour inspired by the Italian landscape and Mediterranean nature.

Looking to the future with one eye on tradition.
Ethimo was founded in 2010, when great enthusiasm for gardens met a long, brilliant entrepreneurial experience in outdoor accessories. A new company that always pays special attention to evolving habits and outdoor lifestyles.
A company that has turned versatility and a new-look range of products into its trademark. A young, dynamic brand of garden furniture that merges contemporary trends and reworked classic shapes. Essential yet welcoming solutions, whose discretion and personality make them ideal for both green areas and urban settings.
Collections that are perfect either for private residential projects or contract solutions. All our articles feature maximum attention to detail; they are refined and always low-key, with harmonious shapes and balanced proportions. The wide-ranging Ethimo collection offers solutions that meet any style requirements: the warm shades of wood, combined with other natural materials, the understated elegance of the fabrics, the versatility and pastel gleam of metal are given full expression by colour and fit beautifully into their natural surroundings. The material-colour duo is the base for our company’s signature articles, elements that quietly interpret their space, creating an intense dialogue with nature, rich in continual references and nuances. Elements that draw explicitly on the hues of Italian landscapes and the deep colours of the Mediterranean, on those places where nature still plays a leading role.

Ethimo does not make simple garden furniture, it produces true oases of relaxation, authentic projects for “time together”, transforming a solo approach to wellbeing and contact with nature into a moment to share with family and friends. Design, comfort and practicality Made in Italy and synonymous with quality, beauty and respect for the environment. An ethical, tangible approach for a company that is very aware of the issues of sustainability, during both product conception and material selection.

Ethimo's outdoor furnishing is set apart for the high quality of its materials and state-of-the-art production process with low environmental impact. Ethimo's production process respects eco-compatible criteria, supported by its constant pursuit of innovation.
Ethimo backs this up by devising new, practical design solutions and special attention to the finishes, made with handcraft systems that ensure optimal attention to detail.
The result is a long-lasting, strong, reliable product, guaranteed by Italian-made quality, merging style and intelligent design.

Nature and environment are for Ethimo source of inspiration for the development of its own collections and an important value to respect and to protect. For this reason, during the design, the materials chosen are all environmentally friendly.
The teak originates from certified plantations submitted to a rigorous testing regime of reforestation.
The Etwick fibre is totally recyclable and the metal and teak&color are treated with non-toxic and environmentally friendly painting.