We like buildings made with love and craftsmanship. Sometimes sober, sometimes more distinctive, but always with character. Character because the space or the building moves you, or it challenges or inspires you. The appearance and spatial experience result from a clear structure, a natural organisation and appropriate spatiality. Contemporary architecture, understated yet meaningful. We are committed to creating, building, the essence of architecture. Our work is based on a thorough analysis of location, programme and other specific conditions. In close consultation with our clients this is translated and interwoven into an appropriate design. Materialisation, detailing and sustainability form an integral part of this process. Affinity with the act of creating and our extensive experience with realisation constitute a strong relation with the building practice. We do this together. Our design and building process is of an intensive, service oriented collaboration with all parties. We operate as a network of specialists: internally but also project specific with external advisors. We can draw on an extensive network of specialists in any conceivable field. Building cannot be done alone, and that is what EVA (in Dutch: En Vele Anderen) stands for: And Many Others.
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IJsselstein, The Netherlands