Innovative by tradition FINSA is the oldest chipboard and MDF manufacturer in the Iberian Peninsula. The company, founded in 1931 as a small sawmill, has maintained a sustained growth since that time up to now. Currently, FINSA manufactures a wide variety of wood-derived products. During the last years, FINSA has concentrated its investments in the modernisation of its plants and in the development of new value-added products: melamine faced chipboards and MDF, wood veneer, plywood, mouldings, kitchen cabinets, furniture components, laminate flooring, etc. Thanks to this, FINSA, today, is an internationally recognised reference in the wood sector. Endorsed by our enthusiasm and our wide experience in the development of wood-derived products, we would like to share with you the benefits of using engineered wood boards in your projects and to participate in our stake for the future of this material.
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