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Foresso is a new composite sheet material composed of timber, wood waste from sawmills, waste plaster, resin, and pigment cast onto a birch plywood substrate. Finished by hand and sealed with a food safe hardwax oil it is a practical sheet material that requires no specialist equipment to alter or install and is available in standard 2.4 x 1.2m sheets.

Our binder contains 0% VOCs and 85% recycled material, and we have put into place strict rules for our supply chain, sourcing only responsibly and ethically. Our plywood substrate is FSC certified and formaldehyde free.

For samples and enquiries please email or call 0203 302 7387 to arrange a meeting with our London representative.

Our Ethics & Materials

For us sustainability is not just about recycling; it is also about longevity, quality of workmanship, and knowledge of your material’s provenance. We see waste as raw materials rather than something to be discarded, and we are deeply committed to reducing our ecological impact. This is not just through using recycled materials in our products, but also about reducing our use of plastics, designing our supply chain to reduce travel distances, and making thoughtful decisions in every aspect of our business.

We only use pre-consumer timber waste from within Britain that would otherwise be unusable for joinery due to splits, knots, or odd sizing. We have built close relationships with our local sawmills to ensure that we can make the most of every tree felled, not only using everything that can’t become planks but all of the planing waste as well. We use plaster waste from a next door foundry to give our binder the durability required, this waste cannot unusually be recycled but is perfect for our sheets so we have developed in-house methods of processing it for re-use.

Working to our ethical goals we have developed Foresso to be a durable material with traceable material origins, designed from the ground up to be practical and versatile without losing sight of terrazzo’s classic aesthetic.

Although not (yet) widely recyclable Foresso can be returned to us for re-use and recycling, every piece of material no longer needed can be ground up and used in future batches so none goes to waste. Get in touch if you have specific questions about our end of life policies and company ethos.


Foresso is suitable for all interior surfaces in both commercial and domestic environments, from flooring to table tops and wall coverings, we use a combination of hardwax oils to seal the timber and provide a beautiful, long-lasting surface. Foresso should be treated and maintained like any other timber sheet material, it can also be cut and altered like timber with standard tools and is easy to refinish once work is complete - see our Downloads section for more information.

For surfaces in commercial environments we offer a range of lacquer finishes on both sheets and flooring that are designed specifically for high traffic environments. With such a wide range of possibilities our production team advises on every project to make sure that the most is made of each Foresso sheet. Please get in touch for more information or to enquire about projects.

Ongoing Development

We are constantly working to improve Foresso - whether through more efficient production processes that make less waste, or by increasing the proportion of recycled material - and it is this constant iteration that allows us to engage with the most difficult challenges facing manufacturing today
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