Gerber Architekten
Christian Richters, © Gerber Architekten
Gerber Architekten

Gerber Architekten

Architects from Tönnishof 9-13, Dortmund, Germany
The client's requirements are the basis for the development of our design concepts. Deductions from the site's specific characteristics and history, the surrounding structures, climate and access paths, as well as energy and ecological needs - aspects of particular importance today - are all parameters of our design process, at the end of which the building or urban landscaped ensemble, should, as a unique element, reflect the genius loci, formulating a distinctive and memorable idea of structure and space in all its parts.

By reducing design concepts developed in this way, all important ideas should - in the form of a small logo - be visually imparted, make an impression and set a sign. In the end, when the building is used and experienced, this conceptual sign should be perceptible as a structure and in all its parts recognizable through its clarity and conclusiveness, right down to the use of materials and colour. This is only possible, however, when the design's basis is a rational, functionally intelligent, innovative and thus formally expressive concept.

Our goal, as a team of architects, interior designers, engineers, urban planners and landscape designers, is to create built environments that affect people and stir their desires; places people like to visit and linger in; spaces that are tangible and logically accessible. These should be structures that improve the urban and landscaped environment with their beauty and in their simplicity, as well as being exciting in their spatial arrangements, which are clear and obvious with regards to the orientation between inside and out.

The main aspect of our efforts is to focus within the existing multiplicity on what is right and to reduce that to a well proportioned concentrate and to connect things with one another aesthetically, thus creating solutions to the tasks at hand for our fellow beings.

The exact cost calculation and the adherence to the budget are basic requirements for our work. The planning and construction time follow professional construction schedules, which are set up and supervised by our well-cooperating project management. Our planner team with over 100 employees has a knowledge resulting from 45 years of office experience and is equipped with ultra-modern technical equipment and systems. For a comprehensive general planning, we are associated with freelance specialized consulting engineers. We work for private and public clients, for companies, the industry, commerce and trade, banks and insurance companies and very successfully support general contractors and construction companies with the preparation of tenders and the development of working drawings respectively.