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GreenCoat by SSAB
GreenCoat by SSAB

GreenCoat by SSAB

GreenCoat® is the brand for innovative, sustainable color coated steel solutions for roofs, façades and rainwater systems. GreenCoat® products are developed specifically to provide roofs and façades with superior aesthetics and long-lasting performance. They give builders and architects new possibilities for creative andinnovative buildings, while using the most sustainable color coated steel products on the market.


There are many things that set GreenCoat® apart from other building materials. One of the most important is sustainability. Most GreenCoat® products feature a bio-based coating which uses a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil fuel oils. This unique, patented solution from SSAB reduces the environmental footprint significantly – and it makes the GreenCoat® color coated steel product portfolio the market’s greenest offer for roofs and façades.


SSAB has been manufacturing color coated steels for the building industry for more than 50 years. SSAB is a Nordic and US-based steel company offering value added products and services developed in close cooperation with its customers to create a stronger,lighter and more sustainable world. SSAB has production facilities in Sweden, Finland and the US and employees in over 50 countries.


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