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Henriquez excels at large, complex, mixed-used projects that aspire to create beautiful buildings that foster inclusive and engaged communities.

APPROACHWe believe that architecture has the potential to be a poetic expression of social justice. It is our view that every project is an opportunity to enrich local communities by integrating ethics and aesthetics. Informed by this credo and an unwavering commitment to design integrity, we are committed to managing projects from design through to construction and have the technical expertise to create structures that stand the test of time.

As a mid-sized studio, we possess the dexterity to successfully deliver large-scale projects, while remaining intimate enough to provide high levels of client service, and work collaboratively within our communities.  Our design philosophy is guided by our values and our intention to harmonize competing interests and challenge convention.

Over the past 50 years we have built strong relationships with and amongst developers, non-profits, and various levels of government.  As a result, our projects benefit from the latent potential within cross-sector partnerships to achieve meaningful collective objectives. From inception, our early involvement in projects allows us to positively influence the translation of capital towards the achievement of socially valuable goals and enables us to collectively meet the needs of the community’s most vulnerable members, providing affordable housing and community amenities with the aspiration of building more inclusive and accessible communities.

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