Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co
Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co

Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co

Manufacturers from Peter-Henlein-Straße 5 , Villingen-Schwennigen, Germany
Waldmann - Engineer of Light - Light viewed in a different light.

Light is one of the first things we perceive in life. Most of us take light for granted, just like the air we breathe. In fact, however, light is a science that lighting engineers have always been intensively engaged in.
On the basis of our knowledge, we have developed lighting concepts for a wide
variety of sectors and applications for more than 50 years – always adding value
to productivity, safety, health, and energy savings.

This wealth of experience has made us one of the technological trailblazers in our industry today. Our Image-Brochure will reveal everything about how we think, how we act, our products, and the people of an extraordinary company.

Our product range encompasses complex lighting systems with integrated light management, task lighting for all applications, including inspection and test lighting.


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