Manufacturers from Hinterbissaustrasse 12 , Heiden, Switzerland
Sefar‘s history can be traced back to a Swiss company which was founded as long ago as 1830 and has concentrated from the very beginning entirely on woven textiles for industrial use. Over the past 175 years, Sefar has grown into the world‘s leading producer of precision-woven fabrics.

Working alongside experienced lighting engineers and polymer experts, Sefar has now developed a process that will permit the manufacture of a completely new generation of fabrics. The process treats precision-woven fabrics with special finishing and coating techniques which give them incredible properties. Particularly where light and sound are concerned, these textiles display qualities which other materials can scarcely match. What‘s more, Sefar translucent fabrics are both lightweight and hardwearing, making them popular alternatives to conventional materials for interior and exterior uses alike.

In exterior architecture, translucent fabrics are used in areas such as facade lamellas, sunshades or in roofing. Interior applications include room dividers and acoustic panels, as well as translucent roofs and walls. The harmonious interplay of light and sound, of optics and acoustics, takes planners into a whole new dimension.

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