HGC Engineering

HGC Engineering

Engineers from 2000 Argentia Road, Toronto, Canada
Experts in Noise, Vibration & Acoustical Engineering

HGC Engineering is Canada's largest consulting engineering firm specializing exclusively in noise, vibration and acoustical engineering. Since our establishment in 1994, we have quietly grown and acquired a worldwide reputation in the measurement, assessment and mitigation of noise and vibration problems.

We have also developed an international expertise in the acoustical optimization of architectural spaces. HGC Engineering actively supports leading developers, land-use planners, architects and engineers in addressing all issues pertaining to noise, vibration and acoustics in and around the structures of the Built Environment and in their relationship to nearby environmental zones of influence like industrial areas and transportation networks.

Our experience ranges from hospitals and academic institutions to high-rise condos, and office buildings.

We have also performed acoustical consulting for a variety of Green Building projects, which have become more prevalent in recent years. There are special challenges to developing good practices in acoustics for LEED Certified buildings, and we are thoroughly familiar with the acoustical implications associated with their energy-saving systems and design.

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