Jonathan Browning Studios
Jonathan Browning Studios

Jonathan Browning Studios

Manufacturers from 30 SHERIDAN STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, United States
“I have two great obsessions: French Beaux Arts classicism and 20th Century industrial design. There is a constant tension between the two in everything I design, whether product or interiors.”
— JB

Founded in 2003 by Jonathan Browning and Marco Heithaus, Jonathan Browning Studios designs and manufactures some of the finest quality bronze, brass, and steel products in the world. In casting the bronze pieces, JBS uses the investment cast pro-cess. Every piece begins as a carving in wood, from which molds and waxes are produced for casting. This lost wax method ensures that every fixture retains the highest level of detail possible. The final step in production for all products, polishing, is done completely by hand. A love of classicism and industrial design sets the tone for the collections, whether they be chandeliers and sconces, torchieres and table lamps, or furniture and window hardware. Timeless and elegant, these fixtures are manufactured to a standard rarely seen today, and meant to last forever.
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