Manufacturers from 1/85 Dunning Ave , Rosebery, Australia
Russel Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky created Koskela in 2000. All of the range is produced here and all the smaller products stocked in the showroom are designed and made by Australian artists, designers and craftspeople. Based in Rosebery in a converted warehouse building, the showroom embodies the way Russel and Sasha imagine people would like to interact with the products.

Designs with conscience

We believe that great design can be used to effect social change.

It all starts with the type of products we design. We want Koskela products to last – whether for your workplace or home, or for educational or recreational environments – we design products that are destined to become classics. We back up our products with warranties and refurbishment services.

We consider our impact on the planet in the way our products are made and what goes into them as well as in the way we do business.

We make sure that our products are made in a way that does not impact the health and wellbeing of the workers making them.

We are deeply committed to social enterprise – using our design skills to empower Australian Aboriginal artists and artisans through our collaborations with them.

We hope you love our products for how they look and how they work and, especially, for how they’ve been made.