LAAC is an Innsbruck-based, internationally active architectural office that has been developing, researching and teaching innovative answers to urban and landscape challenges for more than a decade. The office is led by Kathrin Aste, Frank Ludin and Daniel Luckeneder and works in teams made up of architects, artists and graphic designers as well as a network of partners and experts from a range of disciplines.


In addition to public buildings in the fields of culture, education and sport and high-profile and functional office and industrial projects LAAC has a particular focus on the shaping of landscapes and open spaces which ranges from landscape interventions and the design of public squares to the development of large-scale masterplans.


With its context-oriented understanding of architecture LAAC strives to establish links between place and identity, materiality and form. Architecture is seen as an outcome of processes and a register of relationships. The resulting architectural concepts are able to influence and organise the connections and conflicts between public and private interests in such a way that an innovative topos emerges which shapes the diverse cultural, social, economic, technological and natural activities of our lives. Diversity, symbiosis and form play a central role in this process.


In this sense LAAC accepts creative responsibility at the interface between art, culture and society and for the symbiosis between functional determination and the public interest.



Kathrin Aste, Founding Partner

Frank Ludin, Founding Partner

Daniel Luckeneder, Associate Partner


Simon Benedikt, Simone Brandstätter, Tobias Dorsch, Julian Fahrenkamp, Oliver Hamedinger, Benjamin Jenewein, Peter Massin, Luis Navarro, Simon Paukner, Ufuk Sagir, Felix Steinbacher, Fabian Teufel, Laura Winterberg

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