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Lancko was formed in 2007 by Joe Langenauer, Architect, Builder and Entrepreneur. Lancko manufactures an amazing line of Wood Wall Panels and custom Interior Wood Doors that offer elegance, durability and a contemporary ambiance.

Our Door lines are categorized into five innovative collections according to distinctive styles and characteristic materials.

With Lancko, you can create gorgeous doors and wall panels tailored to your unique projects with unparalleled combinations of warm wooden grain patterns, materials from around the globe and cutting-edge designs for true pioneers.

Our contemporary doors are designed within the precepts of pure modern architectural lines and built within the engineering parameters that balance a high quality product with a competitive price.

Lancko products are infused with a cosmopolitan design flare and European trends. Lancko pushes the edge with unique design and Engineering. Our products combine woods, leathers, fabrics, metals and other materials usually found in high-end European sports cars.

At Lancko, we put our heart and soul into every product, pushing the limits of engineering, new designs and new ideas.

Lancko Cool Facts:

o We Speak Modern, in our team we have Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and Designers. Most of us understand construction and what it takes to accomplish a unique project. Being the leaders in our market and having the opportunity to supply the best custom modern structures in the US, has given us an edge; an edge we love to share with you. We know all the tricks in the book to accomplish that clean and cool design you are looking for.

o What you see is what we have done, not what we do, so let your imagination spin.

o We push the limits of design and engineering. This is where our craftsmen get into the mix, talk about ingenuity!


The Lancko Wall Systems cover, and yes! literally cover, every style spectrum.
The Structure Collection combines flat veneered surfaces with Solid Lumber, machined to create amazing Architectural Patterns. These solid patterns are continued from one tile to the next as each tile interlocks. The collection mixes handcrafted elements with more modern smooth surfaces and finds the harmony between them. Built using modern Veneer Machinery and CNC's. Our team pushed the boundaries of materials, technology, and especially geometry.

The Baufort Collection is inspired by the forms of nature and interpreted in a pure architectural form. The tiles are created with solid hardwoods machined by hand and assembled piece by piece. Made with rustic and characteristic elements and combined with modern patterns. The result is appealing; it injects warmth and evokes a sense of history in the space where it is installed. The Baufort tiles accent any space making a timeless and contemporary atmosphere regardless of the overall design style of your project. The Baufort Collection is also interlocking and the patterns also continue from on tile to the next.

Our modern unique designs are manufactured in White Oak and Walnut and are available in six finishes for the Structure Collection and three finishes for the Baufort Collection.

Are you getting the feeling that this can be the final WOW for your project? Your walls will now come alive.

If you are envisioning something we are not offering, we can also do custom species and custom colors, a signed Sample will be required; please contact us via email.


o No standard sizes of doors. Each door is produced to your exact specifications at our manufacturing facilities.

o It is good to be green; we use Formaldehyde Free products and low VOC Glues, Stains and Cores. Our cores are FSC certified and we can get any material with FSC certifications.

o We build our doors with engineered FSC certified laminated veneer lumber (LVL) cores. This material is none other than the best in the industry and provides superior strength and unmatched dimensional stability. It also has the best results in warping and twist tests. Our LVL core can hold screws with the same capacity as many wood species and is a MUCH better product than the cheap fiberboard core local carpenters typically use. Our cores can be machined the same as many solid wood species and they accept any hardware prep without affecting door integrity.

o Lancko doors are manufactured in Walnut, Rift White Oak, Cherry, Wenge, RCN Wenge, Mahogany, Red Oak, Maple, Douglas Fir and/or Select Alder but we can also do anything special... you name it, we find it.

o Stainless steel inserts, special wood elements or leather or cowhide inlays are a common landscape at Lancko. Please let us know what you are dreaming, most likely we can come up with a solution to achieve it.

o About 80% of our doors are built with Hidden Hinges. Cool and exclusive and although they are a time consuming & difficult part to put together, we love it when our clients choose this available option. It is a luxury that will pay for itself, an investment into pure refinement and quality that greatly complements Lancko Doors and most definitively your project.

o Capabilities. Can we do 20mins, 45 mins., 60 mins. and up to 3 Hour Fire Rated Doors, Bullet Proof Doors, Sound Proof Doors, Barn Doors, Huge Doors, Mini Doors, Hidden Doors, Louver Doors, Bi-pass Doors, Bi-fold doors, Pocket Doors, Dutch Doors, Rustic Doors, Stile and Rail Doors, Leather Doors, Cowhide Doors? Yes we can.. oh and dog doors too and of course we can do normal swing doors. What about gates? Yes. Modern Entry Doors in wood and how about Iron? Yes. Garage doors? No, we need to draw the line somewhere.

o Slabs only, slabs and jambs knocked down, Pre-hung units or all the way to pre-hung, pre-finished units with hardware installed. You decide your level of door package. The best way to go to insure a top notch factory controlled quality product??... well that would be the Pre-Hung, Pre-Finished and Hardware installed product. It will cost you the same as doing it at the uncontrollable job site and the quality will be incomparable. Plus we use Conversion Varnish to finish our products. Who uses Conversion Varnish? High-End Kitchen Manufacturers and Lancko.

o At Lancko, we also have the capability to manufacture Contemporary and Modern trim to complement your doors and/or walls. Free yourself and integrate your design throughout your project.

o Industry accepted lead times; each manufacturing step is made with caution and care to insure a quality product that hopefully outlasts our generation.

o How about veneered wall panels with integrated doors? Sure...we have done it before and the results are astonishing. This is a very custom application; please send us a design or call us to get your idea rolling.

o Have you ever designed something; you love it on paper and you love it in your imagination... And then when it gets done, it’s even better than you imagined? Well, that happens to our clients a lot. Not to be bragging.

o Installation is not provided by Lancko but as a customer service, we can refer installers that we can help coordinate and supervise in certain markets.