Levira S.A.
Levira S.A.

Levira S.A.

Manufacturers from Rua das Sudas, Oiã-Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal
LEVIRA | Who we are

+ We are a company of reference at European level

+ We have 43 years of experience in the furniture market

+ We monitor and control the life cycle of all our products

+ We develop sustainable products

LEVIRA | Timeless concepts, Memorable Objects

+ It is Levira’s understanding that the workspace must be suited to the specific needs of each project

+ Levira’s product design reflects the constant search for balance between form and function (Beauty and Function)

+ A multidisciplinary approach and perspective on each and every project ensures it’s individuality

+ Levira adopted ecodesign: developing products that contribute to sustainability by reducing its environmental impact throughout the life cycle, along with requirements such as functionality, quality, safety, cost, ease of fabrication, ergonomics and aesthetics

+ The Levira products have a recyclability rate above 90%, In this way we contribute to the preservation of all natural resources
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Levira S.A. Oiã-Oliveira do Bairro
Rua das Sudas, Oiã-Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal