LGLS Architects
LGLS Architects

LGLS Architects

Architects from Lisboa, Portugal
The architectural office LGLS was founded in 1999 by its current three managing partners – two of which have been teaching in Lisbon’s Technical University School of Architecture for the last ten years – and has done work in various design fields: housing, offices, public buildings, planning, consultancy, refurbishment. In the context of an intensely competitive market, our firm has made itself known through a profile based on the following principles:


“Do it right, do it once”. Thorough respect for deadlines. Constant control of construction costs (quantity surveying in early project stages). Consideration of overall building costs (maintenance and operation). Effective coordination of engineering projects.


Providing services beyond design (consulting and feasibility evaluation). Incorporation of Sustainable Building principles. Preliminary meetings to ease burocratic procedures. Incorporation of findings from ongoing PhD research. In-house capacity to perform acoustic/thermal evaluations.


One managing partner for every project. Constant dialog with promoters on product profile. Ongoing certification. Versatile team building by outsourcing or partnerships. Long standing team work with renowned engineering firms. We believe that these principles have made our team’s work recognised and appreciated by those with whom we have worked in the context of various projects, striving to prove the role of the architect as manager of necessities, possibilities and capacities.