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Mira Rio Private School
Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Mira Rio Private School

cvdbarquitectos as Architects

The project for the new Mira Rio College in Telheiras was based on a set of themes essential to the creation of a new scenario for the school practices.


In terms of territory, it was fundamental giving back a “lost piece” to the city of Lisbon, through the recognition of the old Convent heritage and the ancient Telheiras Street. The Convent was founded in the XVII century. The project aims to guarantee the presence and visibility of the Convent in the urban territory, giving it the protagonism that it once had. The height of the new building is limited by the level of the Convent’s first floor, respecting the presence of the existing construction.


The original cloister of the Convent was never completed, although it can be perceived in its actual configuration. The project is developed around a new central cloister, to connect the existing building to the new one. This cloister organizes the buildings main circulation scheme (interior and exterior).


The new Mira Rio College can be perceived as an assemblage of volumes, with different uses and meanings. The noblest spaces are located in the convent and close to the main entrance of the new building. The programme that requires more circulation volume (ex: gymnasium, canteen, classrooms) is located close to the widest exterior space, the new cloister.


In terms of programme, the articulation between different levels of teaching and their autonomy through the creation of synergies between different spaces and uses was an important matter. The daily teaching and recreation activities are concealed with the possibility of having extraordinary events.


Material Used :
1. Exposed Concrete 
2. Colour
3. Wood Structure
4. Stonemasonry
5. Hydraulic lime coating
6. Metal Grating 
7. Anodized aluminum window frames
8. Hydraulic Tiles – Pavement
9. Linoneum – Pavement 
10. Acustic insulation
11. ETIC – Insulation 

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