Designers from Johannes Postlaan 6, Zeist, Netherlands
Twenty years ago, Jan te Lintelo introduced the LINTELOO brand with a collection created by young designers. The comfortable made-to-measure sofas and chairs were a great success in the Netherlands, and other countries soon followed.

Today LINTELOO is a leading furniture brand with showrooms in Cologne (Germany), Milan (Italy) and its home base of Zeist (the Netherlands). It is sold by about 250 dealers worldwide. The brand brings together international designers and European artisans to create contemporary furniture that lasts for many years.

The LINTELOO collection encompasses a wide array of furniture, from sofas, chairs and tables to cushions, carpets and cupboards, all conveying the company’s distinctive feelgood factor. The pieces, which exude comfort and quality, are created by international designers such as the Canadian Dane Niels Bendtsen, the Dutchmen Roderick Vos and Jan des Bouvrie, the Italian Paola Navone and British educated Chines Samuel Chan.

LINTELOO maintains a uniquely close bond with its designers. Paola Navone recalls the day (owner) Jan te Lintelo approached her seeking to collaborate. “She said, ‘First we have to become friends.’” And so their partnership began with good food and great company, like all the company’s collaborations.

LINTELOO’s trademark feelgood factor is reflected in the fact that it produces much of its furniture in Italy, where attention to detail, warmth and friendship are important values among master craftspeople.

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