mafi natural wood floors
mafi natural wood floors

mafi natural wood floors

mafi produces natural wood floors exclusively in Austria. Each floor is completely organic and individually tailor-made for each client, with more hands than machines and within four days. mafi stands for as much natural as innovative natural wooden floors. The family business from Schneegattern, Upper Austria sees itself as a trendsetter in the wooden flooring industry and proves this time and again with its constantly expanding product range. Architects, designers and socialites worldwide trust the understanding of design as well as the quality of mafi's natural wooden floors. Sustainability and resource efficiency are part of the mafi philosophy and permeate through all company areas. So, mafi obtains its wood almost exclusively from Central Europe and only from carefully managed forests if possible. Herein, mafi uses the entire tree. Every tree, however, is unique, and any plank thereof is one of a kind. No floor is therefore like any other, nothing is produced on stock. The customer receives his own work of art made specifically for him - mafi: walk on art. Varying widths and lengths or even single product lines reflect this basic philosophy. Any resulting waste wood is used in the internal pellet production. mafi natural wooden floors was the first company in the industry, which declined to use any form of paint or chemical additives in the production of wood floorings. mafi’s special oils penetrate deeply into the top layer of the wood flooring, cure and thus make the wood resistant from the inside out, without forming a film layer. Both the oils and and the soaps used consist of purely natural substances. The individual layers of the boards are glued together with pva glue from water, carbon, lime and acetic acid. The sustainable philosophy, together with the natural handling of the resource which is wood earned mafi the Energy Globe Award in 2011 for the earth category. The mafi Vulcano flooring offers a real and most importantly, sustainable alternative to tropical wood floors. Through a complex thermo treatment, the wood obtains a dark colour with warm brown tones. During this thermo treatment, no chemical additives are used. With this method, only heat, wind and water are used and this reduces swelling, shrinkage and internal stresses. Especially unique are also the Carving Edition patterns which through the designs across several planks give a larger surface appearance. The long standing Paisley design is having a revival thanks to this, just as what used to be rough sound of the Seattle music scene inspired Grunge optic is. 2012 mafi gain the red dot design award: best of the best for its Carving Club I. With its high design language and quality this unique natural wooden floor could inspire the experts and was able to assert more than 4500 designs. With the mafi Domino, the assortment is rounded off through this enormously robust cross grain wooden floor, especially for public places.
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