Mas Millet Arquitectos
Mas Millet Arquitectos
Mas Millet Arquitectos

Mas Millet Arquitectos

Architects Valencia. We are an architecture studio in Valencia, a benchmark in all of Spain in perfectly combining the work of architects and interior designers.


The Mas Millet architecture studio is made up of a team of professionals specialized in architecture and interior design, focused on the discourse and possibilities of each project, as if it were always the only one.

Juan Pablo and Carmen María are brothers and the founding partners of the Mas Millet architecture and design studio. He is an architect and she is an interior designer. Since 1994 they share a common objective that has been transversal to each and every one of their projects: to create spaces where they can live, be and enjoy themselves, regardless of their destination. It does not matter if the assignment is a home, an office building or a school. The premises are the same when planning the project:

· A proposal where architecture and design are compromised without protagonism.

· The concept as a plot thread, from the hand of who will inhabit the space.

· A result that surprises the client beyond his expectations.

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