Masfernandez Arquitectos
Nico Saieh
Masfernandez Arquitectos

Masfernandez Arquitectos

Architects from The Araucanian 2116, Providencia, Chile
More and Fernández Assoc Architects is an architectural firm that specializes in equipment and housing projects. Our office strives for excellence as a team, with a value proposition that combines the correct interpretation of customer needs and development of contemporary architecture and high level.

The first joint projects are in the middle of 2003, taking care always to preserve the traditional aspects of an architecture, where the craft, group work and sense of order are as primary objectives.

Our office is characterized by being close to the edge, always looking for new trends in both design and technological innovation.

Our Projects
Our Offices
Masfernandez Arquitectos Providencia Headquarters
(562) 234 4876 / 233 4044
The Araucanian 2116, Providencia, Chile

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