Masfernandez Arquitectos
Chicureo, Colina, Santiago, Chile
Project Year
Private Houses
Nicolas Saieh


Masfernandez Arquitectos as Architects

The project is located on the suburbs of Santiago, on the Chicureo valley, inside a development that groups 5.000 sqm flat sites, with native shrubbery and hawthorns. The clients, a young family with 4 daughters, were looking for a big site on the suburbs that wasn’t affordable on the city. They’re planning to settle and generate a new life there, with all the possibilities that a 5.000 sqm site can offer in different stages of life.

The house is located across the narrow side of the site, separating the site into two main areas that correspond with two main facades. The first one is the parking and entry courtyard, which is delimited by the main façade, a sequence of perforated brick walls that gives a hint of the interiors. The second main area is planned to be a multiple-use garden, with tennis court, swimming pool, a barbecue, kid’s games and a big grass field that can be used as a soccer field. This area is delimited by a floor-to-ceiling window façade that communicates the interior life with the outdoor activities.

The plan is distributed with a “Y” form, with the inner intersection as an entry point, that allows to frame the view of the main garden and the distant Andes Mountains in the narrowest point of the house, and also to separates the common areas (kitchen, dinning and living room) from the private ones. The dominant geometry of the house, with wall planes and breaks, divides the house programmatically in three main areas (Kitchen and services, dinning and living room, bedrooms) that converge in the access, the only point of transparence that connects the street with the garden. This inner distribution allows every one of this areas work by it selves as autonomous systems, from lighting to heating.

The private area contains the daughter’s bedrooms, which are interconnected trough sliding doors, transforming those rooms into a big apartment for the girls, and the main bedroom, which is separated by a courtyard providing light, privacy and independency from the girls. In the second floor, above this bedrooms and directly communicated, is the TV and study room.

The nobility of the materials used in this house, brick and concrete, gives a timelessness sense to the project from the outside, meanwhile the wood in the interiors gives warmth and a sense of hospitality. The simple but strong character lines of the house pretend not to fall into tendencies that ages poorly over time.

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