Casa los Bosques
Marcos Mendizabal

Casa los Bosques

Masfernandez Arquitectos as Architects

Located on the outskirts of Santiago de Chile city, in the Chicureo Valley, the house Los Bosques, corresponds to a request of a young family that previously lived in an apartment on a dense area of the district Las Condes in Santiago.


For them the expression of contemporaneity of the house plays a role extremely important.


The simple lines, the flexibility of the spaces, the relation between exterior and the central courtyard, were part of the request.


Him, dedicated to the marketing in a vineyard, wanted to be part of the creative part of the project, that's the reason why the origin of the proposal was a cowork between the architects and the owner of the house. His participation was fundamental for arrogate the spaces of their house.


The irregularities of the landscape and the translation of the necessity to divide the public spaces of the private ones, it was graphicated on a central courtyard with two right angles. In the encounter of them it's located the acces of the house. 


The site of this two right angles obey the location of the perimeter walls. The free spaces of the constructed parts are used to build the acces courtyard and the interior courtyard. This last one gives the exterior light to the children's living room and the hall that leads to the three bedrooms.


The main room its located on the second floor of the house, collecting the views of the Andes mountain range.


The public angle doesn't present divisions between its enclosures. Just the kitchen, that brings the possibility of isolating you with a slide. The continuous pavement with the exterior and the crystal facade of the main living room allows us to expand the views and the limits of the house creating a cospaces between the courtyard and the interior of the house.


The materiality in architectural concrete (Moldar), the wood frames and the floor of staves of wine barrels, brings to the house a spirit of honesty that allows the house to get older with dignity. And for a near future its projected a green cover with the vegetation of the area.


Material Used :

1. Eterplack

2. Instapanel

3. Cintac

4. Budnik

5. Hunter Douglas

6. Metal Design

7. MK

8. Ital Linea

9. Dapducasse

10. Scanavini

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ManufacturersDap ducasse
ManufacturersMetal design
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by Budnik
by Cintac
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