Mast Elements [Carbon Fiber Design]
Mast Elements [Carbon Fiber Design]
Mast Elements [Carbon Fiber Design]

Mast Elements [Carbon Fiber Design]

MAST ELEMENTS IS THE FIRST COMPANY IN THE WORLD TO PRODUCE FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGS EXCLUSIVELY OUT OF CARBON FIBER A true revolution, knowing that this valuable and innovative material has so far only been used in high-performance components for aerospace or automotive and nautical competitions. The combination of advanced technology with the artisan tradition of handmade Italian furniture ails at the utmost excellence in interior design reflected in quality, innovation and creativity. Each of the unique pieces are entirely processed, finished and painted by hand and everything happens at Mast Elements production plant: from the design to the production and assembling of the furniture, All is fully "made in Italy". Mast Elements offers luxury objects, combining tradition with a modern and attractive design. The carrying capacity of carbon fiber, higher than that of steel the exceptional lightness and the perfect refraction of light, crystallized in the beauty of an avant-garde design, all contribute to offering the finest aesthetics and functionality.
Mast Elements [Carbon Fiber Design] Product
Manta 2C
Manta 2C Mast Elements [Carbon Fiber Design]
THE SEA TAKES A COLOR SHAPE Inspired by the elegant sea creature, the ray, Manta is a curved single shell chair. A sculpture combining art and design...
Mast Elements [Carbon Fiber Design] Offices
Mast Elements [Carbon Fiber Design] Carbonate
+39 0331 836111
Via della Cooperazione 6, Carbonate, Italy
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