Maszyna Kreacji
Maszyna Kreacji

Maszyna Kreacji

Manufacturers from ul. Osinowa 12D, Poznan, Poland
"MACHINE OF CREATION" is a machine that produces collections additions to interior and furniture. Our products are unique and made in small batches. They are developed by us and cooperating with us developers / designers to preserve the diversity and freshness offer. The majority are based on a combination of features, modern design with nature and ecology. An assortment of our proposed aims to compete with pervasive effects on the market of mass production, from the Asian markets do not always kojarzonymi of durability and quality.

We want to make our products characterized by timeless, opaque in the selection of raw materials to manufacturing and designing forms that will become a part of your home for many years.
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Maszyna Kreacji Poznan
+48 693 433 033
ul. Osinowa 12D, Poznan, Poland