MDU architetti
MDU architetti

MDU architetti

Architects from via del cassero, 16, prato, Italy
MDU architetti - misuratori differenziale urbano (urban differential measurers) - is an architecture practice founded in 2001 in Prato (Italy).
Members of the MDU study are Alessandro Corradini (1964), Marcello Marchesini (1970 )and Cristiano Cosi (1974).
The studio’s range of activities goes from urban planning to interior design, and often reaches pure intellectual meditation through theoretical projects developed in the occasion of architecture exhibitions and workshops, where the practice is invited.
The approach starts from a study of reality as seen from an unconventional, transgressive, point of view, searching all the differences that are evident and latent inside it.
Architecture takes life from the collision amongst all the alterities of the landascape.
The practice has had a high success rate in national and international architectural competitions.
Marcello Marchesini (Ph.D. Architectural Design, Reggio Calabria, Italy) is Professor Contractor at the Architecture Faculty of Ferrara Universities.