Casa Panzano in Chianti

Casa Panzano in Chianti

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Panzano in Chianti, Firenze, Italy | View Map
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Casa Panzano in Chianti

MDU architetti as Architects

The theme of the project is the renovation of a Detached house built in the early 1950’s in Panzano in Chianti.

The village of Panzano is located in the heart of the fascinating landscape called Chianti.

The most interesting aspect of the existing house more than in the architectural characteristics, lies in the geographical location, which guarantees a series of panoramic views towards the open territory, very suggestive.

The renovation project starts from the theme of visual relations with the landscape, as a matrix and generating element of the architectural project developing the theme of the second story addition.

The project consists in the division of the property into two units and increasing the surface of one of them through the benefits of the “Piano Casa”, it provides for the functional reorganization of the spaces on the ground floor and the creation of a new volume on the first floor that accommodates the living area of one of the two apartments.

The architectural image will then be related to two themes, the basal part coinciding with the current state that will remain unchanged, and the crowns brick constituted by the new volume and the panoramic terrace.

The new volume, in continuity with the volume below , searches in its form the archetype of the house with gabled roof, reduced to its essential characteristics.

The terracotta volume of the first floor is characterized by a shading system, a lace made with perforated terracotta elements, and mounted on sliding steel frames, placed in front of the portions of glass facades, facing south and west, which enriches the interior spaces with a design of lights and shadows.

The large openings that give light to the living area on the first floor allow to frame as a picture the surrounding landscape and filter it through its particular geometric texture.

The use of terracotta, a typical material of the local building tradition, for the enlargement denotes the contemporaneity and discontinuity from the temporal point of view with the wall below, the characteristic elongated shape compared to the classic brick gives the texture of the facades a particular material look.

In conclusion, the project of second story addition has the intent to respect the landscape and architectural aspects that the town of Panzano in Chianti possesses, leaving a contemporary sign that we hope can reproduce the same pleasant perceptions of the beauty of the landscape.

Material Used :

1. brick cover facade

2. brise soleil perforated terracotta elements

3. travertine slab indoor floor

4. porcelain tiles outdoor floor

5. steel addition structure

6. exposed concrete parapets

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