Mission & Associates Limited
Ulso Tsang
Mission & Associates Limited

Mission & Associates Limited

Designers from Unit C, 12/F, Easy Tower, Nos 609 Tai Nan West Street, Lai Chi Kowloon, Hong Kong
For the past 24 years Mission & Associates Ltd. has accumulated a rich portfolio of special design projects, ranging from residential to commercial designs. With a range of missions and a broad spectrum of design applications that focus on people's aspirations along with design exploration, Mission & Associates has established a reputation of excellence in spatial arrangement and skilled design management. Our devotion to design quality and services to clients has won the company high acclaim from within the industry, with projects in Hong Kong and in major developed cities in Mainland China. Some of these include the award winning Beijing Aquarium, Hong Kong Macau Heliport and Swarovski Trend & Application Centre.

With an endeavor to help develop a supreme living standard, the company also expanding into other areas including showrooms, museums and hospitality design.

Based in Hong Kong, the international perspective built into Mission & Associates has provided valuable input for our clients. Having entered the global standard, the company is expanding fast and fostering huge opportunities on high profile projects.

Mission & Associates' commitment to brilliant design and sensible management ensures all missions are possible.

Humans in Mission

Mission & Associates offer our clientele a wonderful experience in realizing a space that is beyond their expectations. We focus on how clients feel and how they use their space. Through a close working relationship, our clients gain unbeatable customer service and an outcome that is great value for money.

Space in Mission

Lead by very talented and experienced designers, whose ideas flow freely, Mission & Associates firmly believes in exploring different design languages, from styling to practicality.

Style in Mission

We believe that design is something more than simply beautifying space and objects. Our mission is to create a lifestyle that best suits the end users. Ultimately, we strive to design 'beyond' the space.

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