Heliport VIP Lounge

Mission & Associates Limited as Designers

A)Overview The spirit of helicopter service were uplifted by using of hexagonal shapes in different appearance progressing in a radial pattern to the centre of the site, where all the shapes and forms meet and diverse.

A1)The angular shape of the envelope were wisely adopted by combination of angled and round circulation path interlocking each other in a radial master plan.

A2)Hexagonal and circular zonings were well united into a windmill shaped layout with high tech image ceiling feature composed of honey comb patterns aimed to direct passengers’ perception to advanced and comfortable aviation service.

B)Brief & Concept Stage B1)Design Brief B1.1) The Task The designer was appointed to tailor a progressive design for the lounge in order to promote the helicopter traveling services to a prestigious and advance experience.

B1.2) The Concept Efficiency, technology and supremacy were the keywords to establish the theme. The theme was then expanded to reveal the ‘James Bond’ character which illustrates high caliber and supreme enjoyment that illustrates the life styles among top managerial class. Based on the theme, two design elements were used to further develop; honey comb patterns with hexagonal modules implied compatible organization and efficiency, while linear patterns suggesting speed and progression in order to bring out the implication for accuracy and determination that always come along with states of success..

C1)The reason behind the design

Challenge Reasons of the design were established in the mist of constraints. Constraints came from angular site and beams with unpleasant depths were turned into key design elements in the following manners

C1.1)By using groups of hexagonal zones linking to the central buffet counters and feature pool, the design created a geometric and manageable layout.

C1.2)Hexagonal modules appearing in positive and negative form were used to allow maximum shaping performance for the three rotating parabolic illuminated ceiling domes which were created to shape the raised headroom between the adjacent beams

C2) The Most Important Elements

C2.1) Three parabolic ceiling domes achieved in three quartered areas on a cross set out by the beams in response to different heights and locations of building services inevitably occupied under the slab.

C2.2)The three parabolic ceilings with their evolving hexagonal light through in positive and negative shapes, joining each other at their lowest points under the beam’s soffit on the axis, performing a continuous wavy ceiling making the space classified yet united at the same time.

C2.3)Using of hexagonal grids interlocking with circular radiation profiles successfully introducing the heliport’s emphasis on accuracy, technology and speed that always been emphasized in aviation services.

C2.4)The overwhelming impression of the advanced shapes and profiles merging with velvety materials with special designed patterns following the intensity of the radial design strategy, suggesting a promise of an unforgettable journey.

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