Modern House Numbers
Modern House Numbers

Modern House Numbers

Manufacturers from PO Box 12595, Tucson, United States
Modern House Numbers makes and sells high quality house numbers, plaques, mailbox numbers and curb stencils for modern dwellers, world wide.

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We founded MODERN HOUSE NUMBERS in 2008 during the renovation of our 1950’s-era home in Tucson, AZ. We wanted our renovation to reflect our passion for modern design down to the very last detail. We hoped to finish off the project with the installation of high quality, modern house numbers but quickly realized that they were unaffordable. Out of necessity, we decided to use our design expertise to explore making our own house numbers. Through trial and error we succeeded in creating our own custom numbers and proudly installed them. Then, to pull everything together, we decided to make a set of matching vinyl numbers for our mailbox, and a custom curb stencil using the same typeface.

After installation, we suddenly received a steady stream of curious inquires about the source of the stylish numbers. To the surprise of many, we explained that we had designed them ourselves and offered to make numbers for their homes. Needless to say, a few numbers here and a few stencils there suddenly turned into a thriving production for modern dwellers across the county and around the world. Our goal is to create a sustainable, well crafted product at a reasonable price. We’re proud that each number is still crafted by us (and our great team) in Tucson.

We hope you enjoy your Modern House Numbers as much as we enjoy making them!

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