Modus Workspace

Modus Workspace

Architects from Gordon House, Greencoat Place, London SW1P 1PH, United Kingdom
Modus provides tenants and office occupiers with a complete package for whatever their relocation or refurbishment needs may be. The key services that we offer our clients include the following:

Strategic property advice including workplace trends, efficiency, cost management, and a unique perspective on what is essential to organizations to help them be productive and grow and how the built environment can affect this.

Space planning and interior design.
3D modelling.
Furniture procurement.
Technology integration.
Fit-out and refurbishment – relocation or restack.
Construction and project management.
Post contract and Warranty Support Management.
The seamless way in which these services are integrated has, as a result, meant that many of our customers have been using Modus for ten years or more.

Modus has an extensive in-house design facility and is unique in that we cover both architectural design and mechanical & electrical services design together. This is critical on all projects and must never be overlooked however straightforward a project may seem. The two teams work seamlessly together from the outset to develop and produce a cost effective solution which in turn allows our client the chance to make informed decisions on design and cost at a very early stage.

Originally a consultancy, Modus still retains this ethos and works closely with its clients to ensure a thorough understanding of their business needs.
Modus recruits from the professional side of the industry to provide a basket of expertise – architects, space planners, interior designers, 3D modellers, mechanical and electrical engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, construction managers, and HSEQ (Health and Safety, Quality and Environment) professionals.
Modus specializes in situations where clients have “above average” requirements for their working environment, particularly engineering.
Modus is quite unlike other companies in the market place and is set up to provide clients with significantly greater technical expertise than is typically available from the D&B industry and a structure that supports them and their property assets over many years.
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