Moho Arquitectos
Moho Arquitectos

Moho Arquitectos

Architects from 8. Bajo Derecha, Murcia, Spain
Moho Architects is born in Murcia in 2OO5 as a meeting platform between work and friendship of Carlos Abadia Suanzes-Carpegna, Nacho Bautista Ruiz, Pablo Garcia Mora and Ernesto Sierra Díaz, all of them graduates of the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. From the beginning, their work is characterized for meeting a great variety of scales as well as compromising with innovation an the search of new solutions and opportunities that allows to generate professional creative and optimistic contexts.

Moho Architects have been awarded with numerous prizes both at national and international contests. For instance, a 2nd Prize at Europe 9 contest for an urban development project of the city of Catania in Italy. A 1st Prize in the international contest to regenerate the degraded Portman Bay in Cartagena, Murcia in 2006 as members of the team of Insitu Architects. A consolation prize at the “Camara Agraria Regional” of Murcia, a 2nd Prize in a socio-cultural contest in El Salobral, Albacete. Another consolation prize for an administrative building in the neighborhood of San Pablo in Seville plus another 2nd Prize for a sociocultural centre at the University of Albacete in 2008.

As built work may be underlined the “Naval Technological Center” in Fuente Alamo, Murcia; the European Center for Business and Innovation in Murcia, or the “Isla Informatica” or WIFI pavilion at the Miguel Hernandez University in Elche, among others. All of them built in collaboration with Carlos Abadia Sanchez. Moho Architects have also done the publishing and exposition of the XIV Regional Awards of Architecture in Murcia, keeping and active collaboration with the COAMU, (The Architectural Association of Murcia); They have also worked in the organization, publication and making of FOUR (Urbanism Forum) and the AM/PM Project Exposition. At this moment, the studio is working in projects such as Mixed Uses Tower in San Jose de Costa Rica, a single-family house in Albacete and an Urban Park in Villafranqueza, Alicante.

Many of Moho Architects work have been published among the most prestigious magazines of the field both nationally and internationally. DAMDI publishing and Casa Living (Korea), Designboom, MOOD, Mark Magazine, Archdaily, Future, De Zona, Edgar Gonzalez, Arquitectura Viva y Catalogos de Arquitectura may well serve as an example. They have also been invited in many occasions to participate as speakers at the University of Murcia and the Technical School of Alicante.

“Joy is the engine of growth and the inspiration of our work. Laugh is a
measure of how comfortably we express ourselves. We like to think about our projects as beautiful experiments, iterations, attempts, trials and errors. Little jumps over irrational tradition and disciplinary fences...” Moho Architects