Media Island / Wifi Pavillion

Media Island / Wifi Pavillion

Moho Arquitectos
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David Frutos

Media Island / Wifi Pavillion

Moho Arquitectos as Architects

Introduce project

The idea of the project is the construction of an exportable concept of wifi-media pavillion located in the heart of a university campus.

The building performs as a virtual interface providing public internet access and a singular meeting spot for students to hung out, and relax .

The star/shaped pavilion is divided into 5 different spaces surrounding a central courtyard that guaranties maximum natural lighting and ventilation.

The spaces are designed in order to offer a wide range of configurations, since the final use of the building was not clearly specified.

The island raises 1.5 meters from the natural level of the ground though an white gravel landscape, enforcing the identity and singularity of the pavilion as an “object trouvé” in the middle of the Campus.

Process about project (technical, material, construction, etc)

The star shaped concrete structure consists of seven “petals” elevated form 0.90 to 1.50cm from the ground. Supports are conveniently placed on the edges in order to free interior distribution as much as possible. Every arm ends up on a 2.50m cantilever slab elevating the building over the landscape.

Exterior fabric partitions were covered with ISOPARETE 1000 plissé panel with galvanised steel ending and insulating core. Special metal pieces were built to match corner toppings in order to create its continuous shape.

Roofing includes a technical chamber formation made of a steel square section structure allowing air conditioning supply ducts go through.

Interior partitions were also constructed with fabric, screeded and white plaster painted. Floor is all finished over the mortar level with a Maxelasstic acrylic resins waterproof layer in dark yellow colour.

Black anodized aluminium metalwork with Stadip 6+6mm glazing was chosen for the windows and the baseboard.

Low budget landscaping operations included white gravel ground cover for the exterior spaces and volcanic stone with circular white concrete prefabricated pieces for the courtyard.

Staircases and access platform stands are also made of prefabricated white concrete pieces. Handrails were made of black painted steel strip with banister metal structure in “T" piece and strained wires in both cases.

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