Mowat & Company Ltd
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Mowat & Company Ltd

Mowat & Company Ltd

Architects from First Floor, 16 Stannary Street, London, United Kingdom
Our Approach
We are a company that design places by thinking about the people that will use them and we put them first.

Our approach is to work with our clients and we work for their customers.

This approach results in places that people enjoy, are healthy and where people want to stay. These places are stable, desirable and generate value for the people who use them and those who run them. Ultimately this brings lasting value to those who own them.

We include both Architects and Designers to work across 5 disciplines:

Urban Planning
Designing large sites and property portfolios for the people who use them.

Designing buildings that work for the people in and around them.

Interior Design
Designing interior spaces that work for the people inside them.

Exhibitions & Museums
Designing museums and exhibitions that communicate to visitors.

Product Design
Designing products that benefit people’s lives in our spaces.