MTD Landschapsarchitecten

MTD Landschapsarchitecten

Landscape Architects from Zuid-Willemsvaart 142, NW 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
MTD landschapsarchitecten is a design agency for all outdoor areas in the broadest sense of the word. The agency works on designs for both rural as well as urban areas; on various scale levels. Our efforts are continuously geared to enabling initiating and condition-creating plans. Assignments involve urban design plans, the layout of streets, squares and more natural and scenic projects like parks, country estates, gardens and infrastructural projects. Clients are public authorities, developers, companies, institutions and private individuals. Projects increasingly also involve innovative, complex and strategic plans, within which coalitions are forged between various commissioning parties.

MTD is an agency with a history. In 1954 Pieter Buys established himself as a landscaping architect in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In the first few years there was a partnership which included Hans Warnau and Bob van der Vliet at the agency Buys & Van der Vliet. In 1998 the agency was continued by Frank Meijer, Han Thijssen and Ruud Dubbeld under the banner of MTD landschapsarchitecten. The agency is very aware of its heritage.

timeless and sustainable
The design style over the years can be described as robust, clear, inevitable and timeless, in which the general outline is confirmed by way of carefully elaborated details; designs are functional and have a wealth of unexpected usage possibilities. MTD aspires for designs which lead to a flexible, surprising and almost unsuspecting usage. The ‘genius loci’, the characteristic spatial features and history of the development of a place, make up an essential source of inspiration; this provides the plans with a sustainable base and strong place-related identity. A manner of approach, which has also been proven in plans for a vulnerable, historical environment and in an international context.

The composition of the staff at the agency is interdisciplinary; urban planners, landscape architects, spatial designers, civil engineers and culture technicians, collaborate in compact teams. Choices of materials, technical detailing and budgeting play a valuable role right from the very first sketches; hence comprehensive, feasible and realisable plans are created. The agency especially differentiates itself by way of its technological and financial know-how and knowledge of specification methodologies and tendering procedures.

interactive communication
In the course of time MTD landschapsarchitecten has specialized in initiating and facilitating interactive communication processes. The agency actively encourages and appreciates a sound structure in the organisation and processes, which are geared to keeping up at a rapid pace. The aim is always to achieve an unambiguous assignment setting as the point of departure, and having a clear and widely supported concept as the end result of a planning process. Hence serious attention is also paid to the ‘soft’ components’ in the planning process; MTD endeavours to enthuse parties, supervises them and simultaneously supports the process to achieve joint, sustainable design choices.

quality assurance
The internal embedding of quality within the entire process of planning development and communication plays a prominent role. On an agency and management level this means a structure in which the duties, responsibilities and qualifications of employees are clearly defined and the different processes are clearly described; this ensures proper handovers, internal and external communications, management and archiving of documents.

MTD landscape architects has a clear vision for the future of the agency. The development of a young and dynamic team of independent consultants, trained on the basis of the agency's traditions. In this, the agency aspires to contribute to a spatial environment which is beautiful and sustainable, in which people can live comfortably and which is resilient to the changes and challenges of the future.