Manufacturers from Via San Marco, Padova, Italy
In 2009 Nesite underwent an important company reorganization due to the changing of market conditions and international economic situation

Nowadays the Nesite brand, together with machines, equipments, patents, certifications and everything connected to production, is exclusively owned by Transpack Group Service SPA.

The TGS GROUP works in the sector of industrial packaging and logistics and holds a medium-high segment of the market with a high attention to quality and customer care.
This reflects Nesite philosophy of offering the best raised floor with best performance and high specialization.

Continuity on quality, technics, sales and production is guaranteed by the cooperation of Nesite staff and the new company, coming out with new targets on the raised floor market.

Moreover, TGS GROUP started an internationalization process with the creation of Floor System Company, the new productive area in UAE, started in May 2009 and operative from June 2009.

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