Onok Lighting
Onok Lighting

Onok Lighting

Manufacturers from Pol.ind. B, parc.3, Xátiva, Spain
Onok was founded in 1994 as a high quality lighting components manufacturer. Onok fast became one of the leading companies in the Spanish markets. Onok is specialised in the design, manufacturing and distribution of tecnical lighting for indoor and outdoor use, both in the domestic and exportation markets.

Product and service
Our commitment is to offer our clients a large range of high quality, personalised products, providing solutions for each specific project requirement. Our professional team accompanys the customer in each step of the process, from the initial lighting study to final product delivery.

International company
We have a sales network with over 25 representatives worldwide. We are present in over 40 countries, mainly in Europe, Middle East, South America and North Africa via our network of agents and distributors.

Committed with quality
Quality has always been one of our main objectives, for both our finished products and our customer service. We use top quality components sourced from the best worldwide manufacturers. We work with various laboratories, institutes and universities in the development of our new designs and products.