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WHAT DOES IT MEAN "TO HAVE PIRNAR" Nobody admires mediocrity. We admire those who rise above the crowd and shine as an example. Those who accomplish what no one else has. Those who inspire with their courage and go where others do not dare. There are not many such people. PIRNAR IS AN ENTRANCE THAT DRAWS SIGHS OF ADMIRATION. No other entrance is trimmed with such innovative forms. They seize the attention with their different surface levels as well as with their astonishingly clean and perfect smoothness. Every handle is a masterpiece of its own, at night arousing more sighs of admiration as it lights up. The fourfold glazing offers the possibilty for endless play with patterns and textures. THIS IS AN ENTRANCE THAT EXUDES SELF-CONFIDENCE. The extraordinary 14-centimetre thick door panel gives the feeling of castle-like protection and safety. The door panel, because of its thickness and special construction, is exceptionally rigid and firm. This is enhanced by a combination of the thickest profiles by the company Schüco, the masterfully perfect and precise hand work, and an innovative way of constructing the elements. Here, Pirnar doors simply have no competition. All the doors can be built for the anti-burglary protection class RC2 (WK2). PIRNAR IS A LONG STORY OF INNOVATIONS. Pirnar's was the first to develop a multi-level design for an aluminium door panel. They were the first to reach the respectable thickness of 14 centimeters. They were the first to use a 4-layer glazing that brought with it new aesthetic possibilities. Quadruple sealing is also an innovation of theirs, further adding to better insulation. They were the first to enthuse one of the most renowned European institutes, the German IFT Rosenheim, with a theretofore unattainable thermal conductivity quotient for aluminium entrance doors: 0,73 W/m2K. WHOEVER DOES NOT REACH FOR PERFECTION CANNOT EVEN ATTAIN EXCELLENCE. The Pirnar door is a handmade masterpiece, perfectly shaped and flawlessly crafted in every detail. They are the fruit of bold planning, inspiring design and imaginative realization. Love for perfection is shown in the selection of costly materials, the precision of production, the flawlessness of surfaces and the elegance of lines. Every detail has its own place, and its own special meaning. The abundance of the handcraftsmanship makes possible what no machine can. PIRNAR IS AN ENTRANCE YOU CAN COMPLETELY ADAPT TO YOURSELF. You can have your choice of dimension, your choice style and any of the dozens of designs within that style. You can have your choice of any colour and surface treatment. The dozens of possible combinations among handles, knockers and locks will delight even the most demanding clients. With discreet LED lighting, your door can shine also at night, not only in the sun. Give it a dash of magic, romance or timeless elegance. FORTUNATELY, MASTERS AT PIRNAR'S DO NOT KNOW, SOMETHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Is it possible to make a door with thermal conductivity beyond reach by now, a multiple level door panel or an entrance with all the elements evened into one surface? Is it possible to make something nobody else has made so far? At Pirnar's they achieve the goal no matter if it is necessary to use high technology or craftsman hands. Every door is unique, given a final hand touch, perfected from a bold idea to a faultless make. Top certificates and warranties support it. Uncompromisingly. PIRNAR IS AN ENTRANCE FOR COMFORT LOVERS. Comfort is to forget about the annoying care for the house keys. You take care of the safety of your home with a single touch of your fingerprint. Comfort is warmth of your home. The best-isolated aluminium door looks after you, even in a most severe winter you feel cosy as if your loved one embraces you. Comfort is a friendly and discrete lighting of the entrance where it is most needed. At night, it is easy to spot a doorstep, hold a handle, or see where to put your finger to unlock the door. AMBITIOUS REPRESENTATIVE, ARCHITECT OR DESIGNER? WELCOME! Pirnar entrances are one of the most admirable, long-lasting and insulated entrances in the world. Our goal is to be the best, so we are looking among representatives which are equal self-ambitious and self-demanding. We are looking for representatives, architects and designers all over the world. Let us get to know each other. This might be a start to longterm partnership. Contact us!
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