Plan architect

Plan architect

Architects from Amphoe Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, Thailand
We believe in an organization that is founded on friendship and mutual respect. Each member of our whole is encouraged to develop to his or her potential.

Job satisfaction is high, because our team members are motivated to produce their best work. This is the foundation stone of our company from which we create life-affirming designs that benefit us all. A design is a success when it satisfies the client, the design team and its community. We listen to all these people during the creative process because a lone architect cannot design in a vacuum.

'A design is success
when it satisfies the client, the design team
and its community. '

Intuition, perception and sensitivity to the human and technical considerations of a project are in constant synergy. Respect and appreciation for everyone contributions is crucial. Success is shared by all. When people are given the space and freedom to create, everyone benefits from the growth that springs from it.

Everyone at Plan Architect shares a commitment to social responsibility. We make our contributions through our designs, social activities and by initiating and supporting educational and cultural programmes.

Architecture is an integral part of community life. It tells us who we are, where and how we live, and what we aspire towards. It is a physical expression of our heart and soul. At Plan Architect we approach architectural design from an artistic heart and pragmatic soul.

We know that a structure is a work of art when its aesthetic value equals its social utility.