Manufacturers from Max-Ernst-Strasse 4, HÜRTH, Germany
PROJECT FLOORS is a leading provider of design and forward-looking flooring. As a company, we are characterized by innovation, quality and service. Our competent team of employees identify with the company and wants to make in a good climate with enthusiasm and responsibility to market actively. This is the foundation for solid growth with continuity and the protection and creation of jobs. We strive for perfection in all areas of the company and question our actions always critical. For nothing is so good that it could not be improved. With this in mind, we work every day to see ourselves and the PROJECT FLOORS corporate principles as a benchmark for our acting in the company and in the market.

Confidence as a base.
trust is the most important basis for all internal and external business relationships. We estimate the value of long-term relationships. Employees, customers and suppliers can rely on us, as we want to rely on them

Customer orientation as a maxim.
thinking in customer needs is the essential business maxim and a prerequisite for any success. Our customers are not just customers, they are our partners. We support them in their activities for mutual success.

More than just goods.
We want to do better than the competition. These include a first-class range, fast delivery, reliability at all levels, expert advice, partnership thinking and quick decision making. The customer wishes, we want to meet with understanding.

People First.
We are committed to the welfare of all employees. We reject all forms of discrimination and harassment and, display and demand respect in dealing with each other. A cross-hierarchical, team-oriented and open communication is intentional, because informed employees are motivated employees, and motivated employees are productive employees.

Leadership in ownership
A clear management structure with target agreements and appropriate framework is based on delegation of responsibility and expectation of their perception. Capable and deployable staff, we offer good development opportunities within the company. We rely on a rock-solid management, which precedes personal example and is characterized by the promotion of team spirit.

Environmental responsibility and safety.
We pay attention to the environmental impact of all processes and the safety of our products. This requires a careful use of resources for sustainable value orientation and the protection of water and air quality at the production sites. The full recyclability as well as regular and voluntary inspections of all products based on the strictest and most current standards are a matter of course.