Quartzforms SpA
Quartzforms SpA

Quartzforms SpA

Manufacturers from Burger Str. 10 , Magdeburg, Germany
This product is born of thirty years of expertise of Quartzforms SpA which recently took over the ultimate hi-tech production plant in Magdeburg (Germany). Thanks to its close relatioship with Breton SpA, Quartzforms has, at present, two production lines built according to the highest technological and safety standards and is capable of producing more than 300,000 slabs a year.

Quartzforms has a production space of 120,000 sqm in Magdeburg - a location thet meets all logistical requirements thanks to its efficient transport network like motorway, rail and the nearby port on the river Elba.
Over 90% of the water used in the production process is recycled.

The stone evolution in pure technology.
Quartz, sand, resin: raw materials combined with knowledge and cutting edge technology to create unique surfaces where beauty and strength are synthesised to perfection.
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