Rene Gonzalez Architect creates buildings that actively engage in a ‘design conversation’ with their surroundings. Founded in 1997 in Miami, Florida, the award winning firm believes that a building is inexorably linked to the cultural and natural environment beyond its physical boundaries. The firm’s designs are influenced by external factors, both ethereal and earthly, including sky, water, vegetation and the bustle of human activity. Often in their work, there’s a deliberate ambiguity between the inside and the outside, bringing elements of each into the other. By intentionally blurring the lines between constructed and innate landscapes, Rene Gonzalez Architect (RGA) synthesizes elements, making it difficult to discern exactly where their work ends and the ambient surroundings begin. Detail-oriented and contemporary, the multiple award-winning firm specializes in the design of museum and gallery spaces, exhibition design, hospitality, retail and residential projects. The approach is always holistic, often engaging interiors, product design, and landscape design with the architecture. The results have been consistently harmonious, visceral and dramatic. RGA strives to shift the perception of space and design, and evoke powerful emotions within the space we occupy.
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