Manufacturers from 820, rue Nobel, Québec, Canada
Mario Bélisle is a 3 rd generation plumber with over 25 years of experience. In 1995, looking for a change in pace, he founded Sélection 25, a distribution company.

In 1999, Mario acquires Baldwin Faucets, and his company’s focus slowly shifts from distribution to the design of faucets and shower systems. Business prospects abound, customers appreciate their high-quality products and sales increase dramatically: in 2002, the company relocates to its current, spacious location in St-Jérôme and renames itself Riobel, a contraction of the founder’s name: MaRIO BELisle.

Riobel’s seasoned and highly devoted team of professionals soon achieve unprecedented success. Riobel’s designers, engineers and technicians create innovative products: they develop 3D models, test their faucets in the company’s state-of-the-art technical facilities and compare them to the competition, thus ensuring that Riobel products remain the most functional and beautiful products on the market.

In 2009, Riobel begins its offensive in English Canada and the US. The company’s visual branding is modernized to coincide with the launch of its Riobel PRO product line, aimed at PROfessionals and their PROjects. Furthermore, Riobel products are gradually making their way into a growing number of commercial and residential developments throughout the country.

2014 marks the opening of the Riobel Academy, Canada’s first institution entirely devoted to the science of faucetry. The Academy provides faucet and shower system training to salespeople, designers, plumbers, contractors and plumbing students, among others.

Riobel today is the result of one man’s vision, of his quest for quality and excellence. After 20 years, Riobel’s know-how is key to its conquest of North American markets… and it’s only just begun!