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Architects from via A. Sacchi,4, Roma, Italy
Strato was born in September 2007 in Rome.
The prior experience of two components come together in a study project aimed at experimentation and research. Each intervention scale is an interesting opportunity to verify the heteronomous integration of a wide variety of disciplines. At the heart the idea that revolve around the needs of the customer, a search, even aesthetics, an ever-changing rigours and the collaboration of different professional figures.
Combine the theoretical research with the profession. Dealing with interior fittings, feasibility, contests, deepening research cooperation project at the architectural design course at the University of Rome La Sapienza and master of different levels.
STRATO is also an enlarged container fruit of different interventions and contributions can, as in a process of layering, to enrich the debate on the subject of
STRATO/blog platform is created to develop new ideas, discussions and research paths, as much as possible open to interaction with the outside world.
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STRATO | martino fraschetti vincenzo tattolo Roma Headquarters
via A. Sacchi,4, Roma, Italy

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