Tal Goldsmith Fish
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Tal Goldsmith Fish

Tal Goldsmith Fish

Architects from Tvuot Ha'aretz 3, Tel Aviv, Israel
Established the studio of architecture and design in 2007, after previously working at Rechter Architects.
The studio is located in Rishpon.

We specialize in private houses, luxury residences and commercial spaces while focusing on morphological minimalism, precision and quality solutions for the client.

Designing and planning accurate and pleasant spaces, with no background noise or excessive ornamentation - are a prime consideration for the studio.

The objective always being to find a balance between designing a clean-cut space and making a statement, to creating
- a home.

In each project, we undertake, with the clients, the process of mutual self-study. We ask the relevant questions in order to reach the precise mix for them, both in terms of the day-to-day practicality, and the design which has to be consistent with their expectations and nature.

Tal had won the up and coming designer for 2016 - BVD Magazine