thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG

Manufacturers from Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 100, 47166 Duisburg, Germany
thyssenkrupp’s Steel business: Who we are

thyssenkrupp’s Steel business is one of the world’s leading suppliers of flat carbon steel. Employing around 27,000 people we provide high-quality steel products for innovative and demanding applications in diverse branches of industry. Custom-tailored material solutions and steel-related services round out our range.

Together with our customers we are constantly adding to our company’s long-running success story, shaping global markets, our region and numerous important sectors of industry.

Key element of our range: The pladur® product family

As Europe’s longest-standing coil coater, thyssenkrupp Steel supplies continuously galvanized, hot-dip coated and coil-coated flat steel products for use in the construction, garage, commercial vehicle, appliance and many other industries. A key element of our range is the pladur® product family.

Facade design: Colorful and individual

The demands on modern architecture are many and varied: Planners and building owners want individuality and aesthetics, but functionality, cost efficiency and increasingly sustainability are also important requirements. Our pladur® products for construction elements meet all these requirements and provide a wide range of design freedom.

Virtually the entire standardized RAL and NCS color range can be realized, while other color charts may also be possible. Furthermore, the colors can be combined with various glosses and metallic tones, from satin matt to shining gloss. To brighten up industrial facades we can offer reflections One, a color collection with 21 color groups. In addition thyssenkrupp supplies unique textured surfaces – including crystalline structures such as pladur® Relief Icecrystal and finishes with the look of natural materials such as stone, terracotta and wood.

Alongside a wide range of finishes, the pladur® product family offers material properties such as outstanding formability, corrosion and UV resistance. Products can also be provided with additional functions such as an easy-to-clean anti-graffiti coating or a moisture-absorbing anti-condensation coating.

Coil-coating process: Cost-efficient and sustainable

In the continuous process, high-quality carbon flat steel is first protected against corrosion by means of a zinc, zinc-aluminum, aluminum-zinc or ZM Ecoprotect® zinc-magnesium coating. During subsequent coil coating a corrosion primer, printing varnish and special-effect color paint are applied to the steel coil in several passes. Films or a combination of films and paints round out the range.

Steel production uses up to two thirds less energy than the production of alternative materials. Moreover, the manufacturing process at thyssenkrupp Steel, with its waste water treatment and waste gas scrubbing facilities, meets statutory emission control requirements. All pretreatments are chromate-free and no heavy metal-based pigments or other substances harmful to health or the environment are used in any processes. Instead we use alternative materials that have no impact on material quality. Compliance with the EU regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is guaranteed at all times. The environmental footprint of all products along the entire production process is confirmed by an environmental product declaration (EPD).

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