USAI Lighting is dedicated to staying ahead of the technology curve and effectively translating the needs of specifiers into forward thinking, high performing and beautiful lighting products. We believe that less is more and continue to develop small and compact cutting edge products that deliver increasing performance and energy savings - solving even the most complex challenges faced by specifiers today. USAI Lighting is owned and operated by Bonnie and David Littman, third generation members of the Littman family whose rich heritage in lighting dates back to 1939 when inventor William Littman manufactured the fluorescent fixtures GE introduced to mainstream America at the World's Fair for the first time. Our legacy of firsts continues as USAI Lighting leads the industry in designing and manufacturing sophisticated LED products as well as those utilizing a variety of traditional sources, including compact fluorescent, metal halide, and low-voltage halogen. USAI Lighting has received numerous patents and awards for its proprietary and unique electrical and mechanical product technologies. We take pride in developing and manufacturing our LED light engines as well as our fixtures, optical and thermal management systems. Reliable dimming and compatibility with major architectural controls systems is ensured through rigorous engineering and testing. Each new product introduced by USAI Lighting pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in LED research and development, a forward-thinking approach that has resulted in a stream of industry firsts. Our mission: USAI Lighting’s mission is to bring the power of Personalized Lighting® to everyday life. We help stimulate the senses, promote well-being, reinforce health and nourish the imagination, to bring the best of intelligent LED lighting and engineering innovation to the lives of everyone we touch.
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