Athletic Club Museum

Athletic Club Museum

Vaillo + Irigaray
Bilbao, Spain | View Map
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Rubén P.Bescós

Athletic Club Museum

Vaillo + Irigaray as Architects

The Museum was born as an aspiration of Athletic Club to incorporate into the new stadium the deep and long history of the club. The project proposes an architecture derived from the image of the club and the football world: colors, rivalry, movement,… It is an emotional proposal that goes beyond design, where the viewer is intended to live a unique experience, where the route / movement it is essential for perception.


The entire project gravitates on the color key: duality between red / green taken to the extreme. The spaces become scenographic, trying to generate atmospheres closer to the world of entertainment / sport than to traditional museum narratives. The access through a winding red escalator, pushes the visitor into the museum... The floor is resolved by a single broken wall that divides the space into two "fields", -red-green- and which It contains the whole of exhibition elements.


In this project the spaces are not understood by themselves, the experience-sight / hearing / movement is necessary: -the photographs reflect confused spaces...-, in the same way that happens to sport, that to achieve a complete and true experience there is what to play!

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