Manufacturers from Civita Castellana, Italy
Valdama is a young italian company for the production of ceramic sanitaryware born after a long tradition in the sector of ceramic production.

The company aims at meeting the needs of a market that is paying more and more attention to quality, innovation and product design.

Valdama distinguishes itself for its flexibility and dynamism, two aspects that nowadays are hard to be found in companies doing business in this field.

The production in Valdama is flexible and is able to adapt itself to the needs and request of its customers.

This is dynamism evolving and transforming continuously.Valdama's products are placed within a high level market. They originate from a traditional manufacturing process and each piece is to be considered unique. Valdama products reflect the company’s
values: tradition/design, memory/innovation.

The traditional manufacturing process allows Valdama to be in line with the market needs as well as with new trends and customer requests.

The product personalization represents Valdama’s strenght and makes it different from its competitors. All Valdama’s products are exclusively “MADE in ITALY”. Its production is guaranteed by the trademark “Ceramics of Italy”, distinguishing in an indelible way the origin of the products.

Valdama follows the quality process of its products step by step, from its handcrafted production to the delivery to the customer.

Valdama carries out formal and functional checks as well as technical and installation tests.

The quality system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. The attention for the customer, for his needs as well as for his satisfaction underlies Valdama’s work. Valdama offers an unlimited guarantee on its products. Valdama, a heart full of history towards a future of values.